Applications for participation will open on May 1st, 2023. Application is competitive. Applications will only be open until all slots are filled

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Fraser Girls with Goals! GALA

Annually, on the Sunday of the last full weekend of July, the Fraser Football Foundation hosts the Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala. The focus is simple- empowering girls to achieve goals on and off the football field! Despite the success of the Reggae Girls, who have even reached the Women’s World Cup, the development of football for girls in Jamaica is slow. Additionally, Jamaican girls battle against other social and economic hardships (such as inequality and abuse). The Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala focuses on supporting Jamaican girls in football and holistically. Girls and all-girl teams participate at no cost. All participating girls receive at least football jerseys and boots at no cost. Adjacent to football activities, the Foundation collaborates and cooperates with other philanthropic organizations to provide other resources, education, and services to girls. These includes wellness checks, eye exams, books and academic resources, and clothes. This is a celebration of girlhood and football!

We are seeking sponsors to provide donations for girls (such as hygiene products, books, pens for girls) and organizations to host booths at the events (such as health screens, eye exams, activities for girls). Help us to celebrate girlhood and football!