About Us

The Fraser Foundation (Jamaica) and the Fraser Football Foundation (United States) are faith-based, philanthropic co-organizations established in 2021 with the united mission of promoting wellness, health, education, citizenship, and social conditions for underserved, indigent inner-city and rural youth through football. By participating in structured, healthy activities, children are deterred from drugs, misconduct, and delinquency. Further, such activities promote health, wellness, citizenship, and education. Additionally, the children are sheltered from predatory behaviors and hostile environments. The Fraser Foundation, in Jamaica, works in concert with its co-organization, Fraser Football Foundation, in the United States, to achieve the united vision and mission.

United Motto
Changing Lives… One Goal at a Time!

United Activities
Throughout the year, the Fraser Football Foundation in the United States collects donated football cleats (boots), gear, and equipment. The Fraser Foundation in Jamaica distributes these donations to needing youth at no cost. The donations are never re-sold. Distributions are done through collaboration with the schools, grassroot (community) football programs, or children’s homes. If non-football donations are received, these are distributed to children’s homes in Jamaica. Additionally, the Fraser Foundation hosts and supports football activities and competitions for children. Donate now! . The Fraser Football Foundation also welcomes corporate sponsors.

Fraser Basics Program
The Fraser Foundation (Jamaica) provides football boots and additional support to underserved rural and inner-city basic schools and primary schools islandwide to support physical activity and learning the basics of football at the elementary school level (ages 12 and under). All participating children receive football boots at no cost. Schools receive equipment and support for their afterschool, extracurricular football programs at no cost. By providing this support, primary schools are equipped to participate in football competitions and events hosted by the parish-level Football Associations, the Jamaica Football Federation, and other organizations.

Fraser Football Festival
Annually, on the Saturday of the last full weekend of July, the Fraser Football Foundation hosts the Fraser Football Festival. The Fraser Football Festival, our flagship event, is an annual grassroot football event that includes multiple age-limited tournaments and penalty shoot-out competitions. Teams and individuals enter events at no cost. All participating children receive at least football jerseys and football boots at no cost.

Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala
Annually, on the Sunday of the last full weekend of July, the Fraser Football Foundation hosts the Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala. The Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala is an annual grassroot football event for girls held in Jamaica on the Sunday of the last full weekend of July. The focus is simple-empowering girls to achieve goals on and off the football field! Despite the success of the Reggae Girls, who have even reached the Women’s World Cup, the development of football for girls in Jamaica is slow. Additionally, Jamaican girls battle against other social and economic hardships (such as inequality and abuse). The Fraser Girls with Goals! Gala focuses on supporting Jamaican girls in football and holistically. Girls and all-girl teams participate at no cost. All participating girls receive at least football jerseys and boots at no cost. Adjacent to football activities, the Foundation collaborates and cooperates with other philanthropic organizations to provide other resources, education, and services to girls. These includes wellness checks, eye exams, books and academic resources, and clothes. This is a celebration of girlhood and football!