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Fraser Football Festival

Annually, on the Saturday of the last full weekend of July, the Fraser Football Foundation hosts the Fraser Football Festival. The Fraser Football Festival, our flagship event, is an annual grassroot football event that includes multiple age-limited tournaments and penalty shoot-out competitions. Teams and individuals enter events at no cost. All participating children receive at least football jerseys and football boots at no cost.

We are proud to announce the following confirmed competitors for the Fraser Football Festival 2023!

  • U16 Boys: St Mary High (Defending Champions) vs. Hanbury Football Club
  • U14 Boys: Christiana High, Craighead Primary, Dupont Strikers, Genesis Football Clinic and Academy. Hanbury Football Club, and St. Mary High.
  • U12 Boys: Genesis Football Clinic and Academy (Defending Champions), Craighead Primary, Dupont Strikers, Hanbury Football Club, Hazard Primary, Mile Gully Community Center, and St. Mary High.
  • U10 Boys: Coffee Piece Primary, Evolution Football Club, Genesis Football Clinic and Academy, Hanbury Football Club, and Kinloss Primary.
  • U08 Boys: Hanbury Football Club (Defending Champions), Evolution Football Club, and Genesis Football Clinic and Academy.
See Highlights from the Fraser Football Festival 2022

Read more in the Post-Event Report_Fraser Football Festival 2022_Updated 23Aug2022

The line Experience or re-live the Fraser Football Festival

On the July 30, 2022, the Fraser Football Foundation, Inc./ Fraser Foundation, Ltd. hosted our inaugural Fraser Football Festival 2022 at Kirkvine Sports Club in Manchester, Jamaica. And what a Festival it was! The Festival included multiple age-limited, friendly tournaments for children of all skill levels and penalty shoot-out competitions for children with advanced football (soccer) skills. We provided football boots, football jerseys, water bottles, drawstring bags, and other goodies at no cost to the 288 children who participated – an unprecedented occurrence in Jamaica! How beautiful it was to see and experience the joy of the children!

The gifted boots and other goodies were made possible by the generous donations from our donors and supporters in the United States. All the donations and contributions were highly appreciated. We particularly want to thank the families of West Florida Flames, Jayar and the JoyFM listeners, the Florida Soccer School, Willow Wright Water Store, and our Team Frazer family. 

The Festival was attended by over 2,000 persons cheering and supporting the children from 4 parishes. We thank our distinguished guests who came to show their commitment to the children, including Hon. Audley Shaw, Mr. Michael Ricketts (JFF President), and Mr. Baron Watson (MFA President). We thank the coaches whose selfless, tireless, and dedicated work with these children started before the Festival and continues after. Finally, but most importantly, we thank the children. We gave them boots, and they gave us their wide infectious smiles, their warm hugs, their bubbling enthusiasm, and their relentless spirit. True blessings. And they welcomed Eli and Boston to play alongside them. Thank you, Children!